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Welcome to the site of the North East of England's Python community. We're a group who promote the use of the Python programming language. We organise monthly meet-ups and other community events and aim to be a focal part of the wider Python community in the North East. We're also super friendly - beginners and non-Pythonistas are especially welcome to our events and to participate in our discussions.

Our next meet up: Meet-ups PyNE May 2016 - Implementing a stack-based VM with simple compiler and interpreter

Wed 11th May 2016 at Campus North

This is going to be an introduction to compilers and virtual machines, or a look at implementing a stack based VM with a simple Forth-like compiler in Python. It's actually a very entry level topic. No dependencies required other than Python itself (3 will be used but the code demonstrated should run fine on 2 as well).

So don't be afraid - we should get to do some hands on stuff after in the dojo. Bring your laptop.

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